New item!! 16 items Capsule Toy

Today’s new item!!Release Date: February 14, 2020

  • Capsule ToyDragon Ball Super UDM Ultimate Deformed Mascot THE BEST 33
  • Capsule ToyNARUTO Capsule Rubber Mascot
  • Capsule ToyHaikyuu!! TO THE TOP Vinyl Pouch
  • Capsule ToyPokemon Rubber Mascot Part.12
  • Capsule ToyCapchara Crayon Shin-chan Part.6
  • Capsule ToyRe: Life in a different world from Zero Ram to Rem ga Ippai Capsule Rubber Strap vol.2
  • Capsule ToyKikkoman Soymilk DANBOARD Collection “New Arrival”
  • Capsule ToySummer Wars 10th UP DATE Premium Art Pouch
  • Capsule ToyCollechara! Kamen Rider 08
  • Capsule ToyKamen Rider ZERO-ONE Sound Progrisekey Series GT Progrisekey 09
  • Capsule ToyEYEWEAR COLLECTION Casual
  • Capsule ToyGINBIS Tabekko Animal Porch collection
  • Capsule ToyHook ni gyutto!
  • Capsule ToySumikkogurashi Character porch collection
  • Capsule ToyDisney character Mini character Ruck sack
  • Capsule ToyHanakappa Finger puppet